Cotton Candy Hair Styles for Girls

Young girls use the coolest and most attractive hairstyles to take care of them. Cotton Candy Hair Styles for Girls who are fashionable and intense among girls nowadays attract attention to their surroundings.

1-Two-colored, cotton-colored hair style painted in pink and green tones.

2-This style is made of pink and blue tones, while the hair is made from two top buns, the other parts are laid flat on the shoulders.


5-This style of pink and green tone is used on top of the double knit buns on the sides are left on the shoulders.


6-Short hair is applied in pink color to give a wonderful appearance.

7-The top of the flat hair applied to the tone of the blue color applied to the pink color created a beautiful look.

8-This ball is made with double knobs and pink colors are applied to the knobs and fronts, while the remaining parts are green.

9- This hair style applied to the rhombus tone is integrated with makeup.

10-Pink and blue colors applied in this short style of hair on the neck side of the pink color on the image of the cat is given a different look.




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