Crazy Hair Styles for Girls

Just as in men, girls want to make different images by making crazy hair styles.
1-The ball made from the top is given two eye shapes while the sides are given a different look by knitting.

2-Rounded from front to back, adds a distinctive look to the hair.

3-The back of the double weave starting from the top is attached to the top as an accessory buckle and basket view is given.

4-The netting made on the hair is left on the shoulders.

5-side woven multi-colored yarn and buckle is supported.

6-Green colored hair is put into plastic animal shapes and different visions are participated.

7-The hair gathered in the back is wrapped on a human skeleton made of plastic, giving a human appearance.

8-Connected to the back of the hair is attached to the top of the tree is given a different color.

9-A large ball made of hair and eyes attached to the spider’s appearance is given to the feet.

10-Different colors applied to the back of the hair is applied to the appearance of the butterfly.

11-Top-star braided hair is made long and short padded tail and different style is applied.



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