Crazy Hair Styles for Men

Young men who want to look different attract attention with different images. They make men’s image change with fashion and hair styles. Men want to have more attractive looks by making crazy hair styles.
1 – While the star is made from the top, three sides are made on the cheek.

2-Front-to-back double weave is made, while the two front weaves are placed on the cheeks.

3-The top is made from the shaped knitting and then the knob is made on the back side.

4-The front side is given a hat shape, while the black color is applied to the sides and the beard white color is applied, the beard end side is given a harmonious look and a different hair style is formed.

5-lilac and red tone on the top is given star appearance while the back side is left in the normal color of the hair.

6-The double braid made to the front side is left in V shape on top of the shaped hair braid made from the top.

7-The front side to back side of the knitted fabric curled to create a different appearance.

8- Sometimes hair style can be done as an animal view.

9-Light hair to be applied to the hair is left on the top side is shortened.

10-Hair is applied on the top with a yellow color while whiskers are applied in the same color is made harmonious.

11-Front-to-back folded quadrilateral weave is done different style.

12- When the hair is left on the top as long and wavy, the sides are shortened and different appearance is given by the line drawn.


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