Day 3 of for us, and I’m sad that we only have one more day until Valentine’s D…



Day 3 of #hearthair for us, and I’m sad that we only have one more day until Valentine’s Day is over! I did my favorite braid bun with some heart flair on the sides! 💕 how this turned out!
I started with the cute heart shape pony with a #topsytail on her left side (saw this on @playbraids and @hair4littlegirls.. such a cute idea!!!), added the Dutch braid mohawk on top, and then incorporated a little more heart flair with the adorable heart twist using the #reversetopsytail on her right side (@teswood has some amazing tutorials for this on her page!). I pulled all of that into my favorite style ever— the braid bun. It is so cute and SO easy! You literally just pull the hair into a pony, braid the pony tail, loosen the braid then wrap it into a bun and throw a few bobby pins in to hold it up. The braid bun is our favorite #danceday style! It’s even easier than a messy bun in my opinion lol! I am going to try to do a tutorial soon!
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