Hair Styles for Kids

Families wanting their kids to look attractive and stylish want to draw attention by making different hair styles.

1-Instead of knitting, it is given heart shaped and supported with colored tokens.

2-The double bun done on the sides evokes the flower appearance.

3-The knit that is started from the front is applied to the back of the knuckle paddle.

4-Knit on the front is made with a knob on the buckle and other accessories are supported.

5-On the one hand, the launched multi-knit ball is supported on the other hand by the knob.

6-The knit that is started from the back is made with a knob that reminds me of the flower appearance.

7-The style is made with a different ball on the upper side of the front side wefts.

8-Front made of a single weave hair from the side is attached to the top is supported by a buckle.

9-A double-thick mesh made from the side is made in the form of a horse tail on the back side, and a different appearance is attended.



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