Hair Styles in Different Colors and Tones

Every woman wants to look attractive. The share of hair in the attractive look is great. You’ll be able to draw attention to it, which may look more attractive with hair styles in different shades of color.

1-If you are wearing black, you can make the ends of your hair light color and wave upwards using green and red tones.

2-You can knit your hair using predominant purple and blue color tones.

3-You can make your hair wavy and look great with red and blue tones.

4-Chestnut coloring your hair by making a knot on the side of the arc using a light color of the triangle to make you notice your hair.

5-You can use the light shades of the Sky Belt by making your hair flat on the wavy side.

6-You can use red and tones by making your hair weave from the top, and you can use blue-green tones in the undulating part at the bottom.

7-You can use the Sky Belt tones on the back of your hair to give your yellow hair a different look.

8-You can use red tint at the ends of your hair that you curl up with the mash that you use chestnut color in the upper part.

9-You can apply blue tones according to your clothing color in your hair you make double knit.

10-You can use some of the hair from the top and use the golden yellow color with the flat part on the back, you can use the dark tone of the blue.



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