Knitting Styles with Hair Accessories

Every woman wants to look good. The share of the beautiful appearance of your hair is great. You can look beautiful and attractive by making hairy knitting styles with hair accessories.

1-You can add a nice look with a chain necklace that you will put your hair as an accessory at the tip while making double braids from the sides.

2-You can use your patterned buckle on the weave while you are using the chain as an accessory in the part where you make your hair your back side from the side and make the end parts with butterfly knitting.

3-You can collect your flat hair with colorful buckles and give your hair the look you want.

4-Chestnut color applied to your hair thick knitting while you can use the green leaves as an accessory.

5-Your hair can be woven in different colors to give a cotton look.

6-You can use the bracelet as an accessory while you make some of your hair on your shoulder and some of it as a braid.

7-You can give a beautiful appearance by wearing necklaces on your wavy hair.

8-You can use double-braided hair-ring necklaces.

9-You can make your hair with a triple mesh on the side and combine the ends with the butterfly buckle and put the lower parts on the shoulders.

10-When you knit your hair from side to side, you can replace it with a leaf buckle.

11-You can use your accessories in different models for multi-knit hair from the side
to the back and combine the butterfly buckle on the back side.

12-Chestnut coloring on the shoulders while leaving the edges of your hair wavy on the shoulder, you can make the upper part weave with the pearl buckle to make a stylish look.

13 – You can use two fine braids and white and black chicken feathers on top to make your hair thicker from the side to the back when you apply the chestnut color.

14 – You can connect the ends and use FES on the hair while making your hair look double backwards from the side.




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