Let’s get it Straight, Volumous or Permed! *Comes with Free Professional Haircut…



Let’s get it Straight, Volumous or Permed! *Comes with Free Professional Haircut and Styling
*Any length
*Add Only P500 for 1 Full Non Bleached Color

Argan Rebond P2500
*Super Straight Rebonding
For first timers / Virgin hair

Argan Rebond with Moroccan Hair Spa P3500
*Soft Rebond Effect

Xtenso Rebond by L’oreal P4500
Silky Straight Rebond for Mild Stressed Hair

Strait Therapy by Schwarzkopf  P5500
Volume Rebond Safe to Lactating & Pregnant Moms

KeraBond (Keratin + Rebond)  P6000
Keratin + Argan Rebond
Best to heavily damaged hair

BraziBond (Brazilian + Rebond) P6500
Original Acai Brazilian BlowOut + Argan Rebond
Best to chemically treated and stubborn kinky Hair

Keralux  P3000
Luxurious Keratin
Comes with Free 1 Full Non Bleached Color

Keralux with Ceisteine P4000
Keratin with Straigthening Effect
Comes with Free 1 Full Non Bleached Color

Original Acai Brazilian  Blowout  P3500
Comes with Free 1 Full Non Bleached Color

Traditional Perm
Using L’oreal

Digital Collagen Perm using Schwarzkopf Technology

Visit us or Book an appointment 😊 💈/nook/
urban family salon + spa
518 CT Centre Shaw Blvd Old Wack Wack Mandaluyong City beside Cherry Foodarama infront of Lee Gardens Condominium

If using WAZE just type nook salon 💅For Nails and 💇‍♂️ Hair Services�
Mon – Sun
10am – 8pm cut off (closes at 9pm) 💉For IV and Drip Schedule�
Sat and Sun Only �10am -6pm
Weekdays 5pm-7pm Only 👀For Lashes, Waxing and Facial Services�
Mon – Fri Only 10am-8pm 👀For Eyebrow Embroidery, Micro Needling, BB Foundation
Mon,Wed – Sun 10am-7pm

Message for Appointment
� SMS 0917 887 (nook) 6665
�  Call 633 20 89 💳Debit and Credit Cards Accepted

See you and get /nooktified/ from Head To Toe, Inside and Out!

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