Male Hair Knitting Styles

Men who want to capture a different image want to draw attention to their hair by knitting.

1-Flat and curled knitting styles start from the front and continue to the back.

2-Beginning from the front side is thinning to the back with a fine mesh curl.

3-The multi-weave starting from the side continues in a curved shape with a different look.

4-Straight and thick knit from front to back while making the shape of the side of the shape of the different hair styling draws attention.

5-Front-to-back patterns made between the braids are made differently.

6-Front-to-back folded four-knot construction is made.

7-Front-to-back folded knitted structure is given to the human appearance with the knob.

8-Different styles are given on the sides in the knitting style made from the top and sides.

9-Star braids are placed between the double knit made on the sides.

10-Twisted weaves are made between flat braids.

11-It makes different style of knitted hair made of curved and shaped.

12-Thin braids made between the thick braids made from the sides add a different smile.

13-Front to side applied to change the appearance of thick and thin braids.




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