Purple and Lila Color Hair Styles

Young girls want to look nice and attractive. Hair color and hair style comes at the beginning of the elements that show young girls beautiful and attractive. You can look beautiful and attractive by applying trend hair styles to purple and lilac-colored hair.

1-You can make a great appearance by painting the tops of your long and flat hair with purple color and the tips of your hair with lilac coloring.

2-Yada long hair can be painted with lila color and clasped from top with buckle.

3-Lila spread your colorful hair on your shoulders, you can also support your eye makeup using lila color.

4-You can support your lilal-colored hair with your clothing by making a black comb.

5-Lila you can support your colorful hair with the appropriate makeup color.

6-You can support your hair with your white hair by leaving your hair on your shoulders.

7-You can apply lighter shades of lilac and mauve to the upper parts of your hair while applying light shades to the hair ends.

8-Lila wavy long hair can be wavy and support your lip gloss.


9-You can apply green tones to your Lila colored hair.

10-You can support your hair with makeup by applying the lighter shades of lilac.

11-Lila you can tie your colorful hair from behind and leave what’s left behind on your shoulders.

12-You can apply dark shades to the upper part of your long hair and light shades at the tip parts.


13-Short and you can apply dark and light tones of your hair to your hair.

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