Sky Belt Hair Style

For those who get tired of monochromatic hair, there is the Sky Belt Hair Style that has been trending lately. It now takes the place of colored hair ends or a single green or pink toned hair in the rainbow hair that many tonnes are used together.
The best appearance of this hair style is the wavy and herringbone knits that are used in combination with many tonnes.

How will you make a great looking Sky Belt Hair Style ?

1-You can wiggle the ends of your straight hair, knead it on your flat hair and you can draw attention to it with the elegant look of the Sky Belt.

2-You can get this wonderful look by making half of your hair straight and half a horse tail.

3-You can paint the bottom part of your hair, which you have painted on top of you, in the triangle-shaped sky band.

4-You can paint your hair with a purple color from the top while you can paint the ends with the orange and light green, which are the radiant colors of the Sky Belt

5-You can even use the purple color on the top to make Thunder Belt shades at the edges of your hair.

6-You can make your hair fascinating by distributing the heavens of the wavy hair in the underside of your hair while weaving the back of your fish on the top of your hair.

7-Weighted purple color can be used to give the look of the sky zone with yellow and green tones to the ends of your hair.

8-You can apply the Sky Belt tone by distributing your hair.

9-You can use three colors mainly in the hair of your hair, you can apply the tights of the hair to the ends of your hair.

10-Your hair can make the entire fish back, you can use all the shades of color prominently.

11-When you use yellow and tones in the upper part of your hair, you can make your hair look attractive by using purple color at the tip.



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